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7 août 2018 · Beyonce praised her 'FUPA' – here's what it is, and why fans are obsessed Maeve McDermott USA TODAY 0:00 0:48 Of all the wisdom Beyonce imparted in her "Vogue" essay, released Monday to. 6 août 2018 · Alongside the gorgeous pictures, Beyoncé opened up about her body, specifically post-pregnancy. While she said she has definitely felt pressure to look a certain way, Beyoncé noted that she's. 10 août 2018 · Beyoncé made history as the cover star of Vogue 's September issue. Not only did she have full creative control over the highly coveted release, but she praised her postpartum body in a way. 6 août 2018 · Beyonce got extremely candid about her body after giving birth in her personal essay for Vogue 's September issue. The 36-year-old singer talks about her post-baby body after giving birth. 7 août 2018 · The cover features a fresh-faced Beyoncé, shot by “brilliant” 23-year-old photographer Tyler Mitchell. But it’s the singer’s words, not photos, that are getting attention. The mom of three got. 6 août 2018 · Yes, you read that correctly: FUPA (pronounced “foopuh,” in case you mentally pronounced it incorrectly). The acronym that stands for Fat Upper Pubic Area ( the “p” can vary depending on use) made it into the September issue of all September issues. We did it! Well, Beyoncé did.