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Vocalist: Rio Singer Michael Valerio musician: bass Jessica Khan Variba vocalist: Rio Singer Josefina Vergara musician: violin Davi Vieira musician: brazilian percussion / vocalist: Rio Singer Shalini Vijayan musician: violin Marc Viner additional recordist Irina Voloshina. Fifteen years later, Blu is a domesticated and intelligent bird that does not fly and lives a comfortable life with bookshop owner Linda. Out of the blue, clumsy Brazilian ornithologist, Tulio, visits Linda and explains that Blu is the last male of his species, and he has a female called Jewel in Rio de Janeiro. Voir la liste complète sur rio.fandom.com. 15 juin 2019 · From main characters to cameos and minor roles, these characters are the reason why the movie is loved by film buffs around the world. The names of the actors and actresses who starred in each role are featured as well, so use this Rio character list to find out who played your favorite role. Tyler Blu Gunderson is the main protagonist of Rio, Rio 2, Angry Birds Rio, other video games, and all of the books of the franchise (with the exception of Rio No.3: A Dog's Tale, where he is only a minor character). The human protagonist is Linda Gunderson. In Rio, Tulio speculated that Blu was. 30 juil. 2011 · What is hot wife rio's real name? Hot Wife Rio does not list her real name online. She is an adult movie actress that has appeared in numerous films. When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with the bird of his dreams. In Rio de Janeiro, baby macaw, Blu, is captured by dealers and smuggled to the USA. While driving through Moose Lake, Minnesota, the truck that is transporting Blu. Linda is initially very bookish and quiet, and very devoted and protective of Blu. When she discovers Blu has been kidnapped, she angrily turns on Tulio, blaming him for everything. She seems to be quite trusting; When Fernando tells her that he knows where Blu is, she instantly believes him. 15 juin 2019 · If one of your favorite characters missing from the list, then add them by typing in their name at the bottom of the page. Blu Jesse Eisenberg in Rio Túlio Rodrigo Santoro in Rio Jewel Anne Hathaway in Rio Nigel Jemaine Clement in Rio Luís Tracy Morgan in Rio Nico Jamie Foxx in Rio. One day, in late winter, an ornithologist, named Tulio Monteiro, tells Linda that Blu is speculated to be the last male of his species, and advises that she and Blu come with him to Rio de Janeiro in order for Blu to meet a recently-found female of his species. Although reluctant at first, Linda eventually accepts, and they later arrive in Rio. Blu, the protagonist in Rio and Rio 2, is a Spix's Macaw with blue feathers. He is also named after the color, although the 'e' is taken out. Blue is one of the three primary colours of pigments in painting and traditional colour theory, as well as in the RGB colour model. It lies between violet and green on the spectrum of visible light. However, as Blu tries to get over his fear of flying, Nigel attacks Blu, pins him and attempts to strangle him. Jewel tries to help, but Nigel throws her aside, causing a cage to fall on Jewel's wing, injuring it. Nigel darkly mocks the macaws, but an angered Blu manages to hook a fire extinguisher onto the cockatoo's foot and sets it off. Nigel is blasted out of the plane and manages to get. Out of the blue, clumsy Brazilian ornithologist, Tulio, visits Linda and explains that Blu is the last male of his species, and he has a female called Jewel in Rio de Janeiro. He invites Linda to bring Blu to Rio so that he and Jewel can save their species. 13 juin 2022 · Introduction. Rio is a highly thrilling and entertaining movie that revolves around the life of a domesticated macaw named Blu. This animation movie uses cartoon characters to express various thematic concerns in a captivating way. From the movie, we learn that Blu is brainy bird who fortunately meets with Linda (his owner) and as Linda grows. Fanpop has Rio (The Movie) trivia questions. See how well you do in the Rio (The Movie) quiz. Rio (2011) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Directed by Carlos Saldanha (directed by) Writing Credits Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Produced by Music by John Powell (music by) Cinematography by Renato Falcão Film Editing by Harry Hitner (edited by) Casting By Christian Kaplan. Nigel, also sometimes known as Nigel the Cockatoo, is the main antagonist of Blue Sky's sixth feature film Rio and one of the two main antagonists of its 2014 sequel Rio 2 (alongside Big Boss ). He is also the main antagonist of the spin-off game Angry Birds: Rio . He is a sulfur-crested cockatoo and Blu 's arch-nemesis.