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2 janv. 2023 · OnlyFans Payment Methods: Different Payment mode for OnlyFans explained What are the accepted payment methods accepted on OnlyFans? Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards: 1. Brinks Mastercard 2. PayPal prepaid Mastercard 3. Other Example of Visa Credit cards 4. Other Example of Mastercard Credit cards Discover Credit and debit cards. 14 juil. 2022 · Nous avons discutĂ© des diffĂ©rentes mĂ©thodes de paiement OnlyFans, y compris les cartes de crĂ©dit et de dĂ©bit, mais pas Pay Pal ou des cartes-cadeaux. Une carte principale et un mode de paiement secondaire peuvent ĂȘtre rattachĂ©s Ă  votre compte. Votre mode de paiement secondaire sera automatiquement dĂ©bitĂ© si votre mode de paiement principal Ă©choue. 14 juil. 2022 · Accepted OnlyFans Payment Methods Visa/MasterCard. Visa and MasterCard are both valid OnlyFans credit cards. It is the most popular method of payment and Maestro/Debit cards. Subscribers often use debit cards to make payments. The reason for this is that they allow you to Discover. OnlyFans. You will need on your User account page to add a bank account or payment details of your bank account or a payment method. You will need on your User account page to select one of the available methods provided by OnlyFans as to how your Creator Earnings will be transferred to you. 17 avr. 2022 · OnlyFans accepted payment methods include: 1. Visa/MasterCard A valid OnlyFans credit card can be either Visa or Mastercard. These are the most popular payment methods and are issued in most countries. You can use your card to make a one-time payment or subscribe for a monthly plan. 2. Discover. 7 nov. 2022 · Creators on OnlyFans can connect with an international bank like PayPal, ePayments, or eWallets to transfer funds from the OnlyFans platform to their local bank. Set up the option to automatically request for the payout, and every month your payment will be transferred to your selected bank account on the date you choose.