[71 FILES :: 421 MB] Botez sisters accused of defending slavery in Dubai during Q&A #GZkZDczMGYz 馃槏

6 d茅c. 2021 路 The sisters faced recurrent questions from fans asking about their opinions on Dubai and the alleged violation of human rights that occurs in the UAE, including reports of the enforcement of slavery. Not to mention, the country has proven to be highly controversial, especially in the Western world, due to the treatment of women. 6 d茅c. 2021 路 The Botez sisters, Alexandra and Andrea, came under fire over comments on human rights during a Twitch stream in Dubai but have clarified that 鈥渋f you don鈥檛 listen to the entire discussion,. 7 d茅c. 2021 路 Botez sisters apologize for comments on human rights To begin their stream from the World Chess Championship between reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi,. 8 d茅c. 2021 路 Alex Botez to leave, Andrea Botez to remain in Dubai In the same stream, BotezLive made an announcement concerning their future plans. Alex Botez will be leaving Dubai to attend a. 7 d茅c. 2021 路 Chess streamers for Team Envy Alexandra Botez and her sister Andrea Botez took to Twitch on Tuesday to apologize for some controversial statements that they made during a live stream on Monday, which appeared to defend Dubai's use of slavery. 5 d茅c. 2021 路 The Botez sisters were in the middle of a Q&A session when they were asked about their views about the negativity that surrounds Dubai in developed countries. Dubai has come under severe. 6 d茅c. 2021 路 Alex and Andrea Botez from BotezLive have become a huge topic of debate inside and outside the streaming community after their recent response to comments and concerns regarding modern slavery in.