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So the whole "don't take me seriously/it's just my opinion" approach is also in response to how MrGirl is trying to label her approach in and of itself. She's never said that "Level Ones" should kill themselves, and even Destiny has agreed to that. You don't have to like her wording but that's most certainly not what she said, and she's talked. 4,105 Followers, 121 Posts - Professional Conversationalist & Listener. Examining Pop Culture and Philosophy. For call appointments email: CallsWithBrittanySimon@gmail.com. 26 déc. 2019 · Brittany Simon’s Tweets. Pinned Tweet. Brittany Simon @TheBertSimon · Apr 1. Happy April! This is my LAST FULL MONTH in the United States. I am moving to a different work schedule starting in June! So, if you're interested in booking a. Complaining About Brittany Simon: Hoping We Are Moving Away From Lefty Arcs. Idk, I miss when I started watching Destiny around 3-4 years ago and the million lefty arcs hadn't happened yet. I get that this has been said before, but it just feels like such a waste of time. A lot of the ideas that are being argued about feel completely irrelevant. I like Brittany’s stuff when she’s actually talking about things, but that interview brought back memories of her first two talks with Destiny. Sometimes she does this thing where she she tries to immediately explore profound ideas about someone that simply don’t exist. It’s so annoyingly fake deep. Turn off the "coomer brain" or whatever has made you try and find value in this absolute black hole of rationality that is Brittany. The reason why you think she sometimes "might have a point" is because she rambles about everything without "ANY POINTS". Sure she might somehow stumble on an interesting idea, only after having enumerated 7 other.