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30 oct. 2022 · Dandere. Dandere are quiet and withdrawn, spend their time alone, and are too anti-social to be in a group. They're no different from a shy person with social anxiety. Like Himedere, Dandere is not the most famous personality type, but they are known enough and played a role in shaping anime in the 21st century. 24 déc. 2022 · The quiz on this page evaluates your personality, affection type, and love interests to come up with the most accurate diagnosis! The test has three stages of identifying your -Dere category. The first part inspects your main traits towards your love interest. The second part analyzes your love language. And the final section assesses your. What Dere Type Are You? (Dandere, Deredere, Himedere, Kuudere, Tsundere, Yandere) - Personality Quiz. star,moon,sun or cloud person?. 10 févr. 2023 · Play this dere test and find out. This anime quiz below is designed to give you the best possible answer, and it will be based on your personality traits. So all you have to do is be as truthful as you can be. Basically, dere refers to an archetype provided to different characters in anime. Are you excited to find your dere type?. Personality Quiz. What Dere Type are You? Quiz introduction. Well here are the possibility of what dere you might be a Yandere, Tsundere, Kuudere, Dandere, Himedere, Deredere, Kamidere, Coodere, Mayadere, or Undere! Take this quiz to find out which one ar. 24 juin 2017 · The questions help decipher what dere type you are. The deres options in this quiz are: Deredere, Tsundere, Undere, Dandere, Kuudere, Yandere, and Himedere. NOTE: The results are NOT 100% accurate, so don't be offended if you don't get the result you wanted. This quiz was not meant to offend anyone. Anyways, enjoy!. Quiz introduction. There are many different 'dere' types, but I am going to use the main 6. You may be a crazy, insane Yandere, or a quiet, I don't really care Kuudere. This fun japanese way of looking at yourself can b show more. Enter Your Name. Yandere: You’re a psychopath; get help. Don’t hunt me down for saying that. Deredere: You’re loving and kind, someone we all wish we could be like. Perfectly balanced. Kamidere: You have a God complex; your ego has reached your head. Dandere: You’re shy and often seen as quiet, though you are caring and loving on the inside. 18 mars 2013 · Anime & Manga Personality Yandere Tsundere Kuudere Dandere Kamidere Deredere Add to library 1,523 » Discussion 2,236 » Follow author » Share . What "Dere" Type are you? Authors GardenGnostic. 1. 7. What do you think of people? I ke. 16 avr. 2020 · This quiz will determine what type of dere you are! :D April 16, 2020 · 1,158 takers Report. Just Just For Fun Personality Dere. Add to library 5 » Discussion 6 » Follow author » Share . The 'Dere' Quiz. Authors LemonyCrumbDi. 25 janv. 2016 · What's your "dere" type? 15 Questions - Developed by: Luce H. - Developed on: 2016-01-25 - 29,550 taken - 10 people like it. Basically, this test will tell you how you love. This is not a sexuality test, though. This test tells you how you love over a period of time. So let's go!.