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31 mars 2019 · She died at the age of 52. It's thought that the crash was caused by Princess Grace having a hemorrhage. Stephanie revealed in an interview that Grace had been having a headache, and seemed. 29 mai 2020 · Officially, her death was determined to be the result of two intense strokes — and her family decided to remove her from life support since she was already declared brain dead, according to the. 28 juin 2021 · Grace Kelly died the day after her car careened over the edge of a mountain. Investigations showed she suffered a stroke that led her off the roadway, followed by a hemorrhage caused by the. On September 13th, 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco – Grace Kelly – drove her old Rover 3500 car off the edge of a mountain road above the famous principality. She died in hospital the. 14 sept. 2011 · On September 13, 1982, Princess Grace was driving with her youngest daughter, Stephanie, when she reportedly suffered a stroke and lost control of her car, which plunged down a mountainside. 14 sept. 2011 · On September 14, 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco—the American-born former film star Grace Kelly, whose movie credits include The Country Girl and Rear Window— dies at the age of 52 from.