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10 juin 2017 · Best answer If you're talking about in-game, then it could be any number of reasons. Maybe she's mentally ill, maybe she wants attention, maybe she's actually a robot could be anything, really, as we never get a definitive answer. 10 juin 2017 · 1answer1,349views What is wrong with Courtney? askedJun 10, 2017by Clobboot omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire courtney To see more, click for the full list of questionsor popular tags. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet have been released!. Voir la liste complète sur pokepedia.fr. Welcome to PokéBase, the Pokémon question and answer knowledge base! Here you can ask for help with your Pokémon games and receive swift and comprehensive responses from our fantastic community! 0 votes 0 answers 16 views Is there still any way to get Victini in Black/White? (or 2)? asked 3 hours ago by lilsteely black-white-2 black-white victini.