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17 févr. 2023 · *We caught up with MissDriDri, the Chicago-based artist behind the lyrics in “Kold x Windy’s” original music. MissDriDri was tapped to pen the lyrics for music in the new WE tv series. Never one to back down, MissDriDri penned her first verse and has not looked back since. As an entertainer and performer, MissDriDri believes music is a way for people to come together. “I have. RT @theloop411: EURWeb Chicago Artist MissDriDri on Creating Original Drill Lyrics for ‘KoldXWindy’ | EUR Video Exclusive. 19 Feb 2023 02:05:39. EURWeb Chicago Artist MissDriDri on Creating Original Drill Lyrics for ‘KoldXWindy’ | EUR Video Exclusive. 18 Feb 2023 02:00:21. 13 févr. 2023 · MissDriDri wanted the Kold X Windy audience to see how someone becomes a drill artist. MissDriDri chose not to revisit her music after submitting it, so she could enjoy the show just as fans would. 15 oct. 2019 · A teenage rapper, leading a burgeoning scene categorized as drill music—taken from the slang usage of “drill,” meaning to shoot someone—who was telling firsthand stories of the violent,. 13 févr. 2023 · Drill music is the backdrop and backbone to it all, and MissDriDri has penned the lyrics for this entertaining show. SK POP spoke to the Chicago-based artist about her involvement with. Drill. La musique drill (parfois appelée drill scene, drill-hop ou encore grime 1) est un sous-genre musical du hip-hop lancé par les jeunes rappeurs et producteurs originaires des quartiers de South Side à Chicago 2 . Le genre est l'une des facettes contemporaines les plus importantes de la scène hip-hop de Chicago. 15 oct. 2019 · From Chief Keef to Polo G, these tracks defined drill. In the summer of 2012, as Chief Keef ’s momentum was picking up steam, a Chicago teenager tearfully and angrily addressed the critiques of. MissDriDri is known for bringing the party. The Chicago based rapper, dancer and influencer is at her best when under the spotlight. As a teenager in Chica. 17 janv. 2022 · READ MORE. (Image credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images) The beginner's guide to: trap. Lyrically, drill is defined by a cold-hearted nihilism which frequently eclipses even the most bleak moments of gangsta rap or trap. Drill is murder music, gang music on a serious level, echoing the backgrounds of rappers like Chief Keef, King Louie and Lil Durk. 6 mai 2022 · Though drill originated in Chicago in the early 2010s, South Korea's scene borrows heavily from a British subgenre dubbed UK drill. With similarly gritty and provocative lyrics, but faster beats. 24 août 2020 · The use of lyrics in helping forward gang narratives is extremely problematic, Dr Quinn explains. “In some cases, drill artists may have links to street gangs; in many other cases they don’t. It’s all types of bragging rights for hip-hop artist MissDriDri in 2023. The Chicago native has ample things to smile about these days with her WE tv series ‘Kold x Windy’ delivering mind-blowing moments on a weekly basis and her handwritten lyrics plus music fueling the scripted series.