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Nikita Dragun under fire for using dead trans women to promote new music She later said it was all a stunt to show off a dress. Samira Sadeque. Internet Culture. Posted on Sep 18, 2021 Updated on. Nikita Dragun, a popular trans influencer, has recently been criticized for promoting her new song “D.I.C.K” by stamping the word across the faces of many trans women, including two late trans women Marsha P. Johnson and SOPHIE. Since dropping the video on Instagram and Twitter on Thursday, she has been facing immense backlash on both websites. September 24, 2021, 8:25am. Tweet. Image: Nikita Dragun. Trans influencer Nikita Dragun is no stranger to controversy. The longer she’s been in the spotlight, the longer her list of over-the-top. Nikita Nguyen, better known as Nikita Dragun, began her YouTube career in 2014 by posting makeup tutorials. She found success on the platform around 2015 after she came out as transgender. Dragun has grown her platform on YouTube to 3 million subscribers. She's worked on a number of brand deals and business ventures, including launching her own. Earlier this month, the 25-year-old trans YouTuber dropped a snippet and video of a braggadocious hip hop track, “D.I.C.K.”. On the song, Dragun raps about alleged fashion copycats and men who have been in her DMs. “Come get your boyfriend ’cause he is on my page stalkin’,” she raps. “I blocked his number but somehow he is still. Yes this! When referring to trans women she's like Blaire white, she is exclusively referring to those who are 'attractive' like herself, or Gigi, or Edan etc. I bet when you ask her 'what about trans women who did not have the resources to afford cosmetic surgery', she'd be saying something like 'yeah but that's different!'. Nikita Dragun finally breaks silence, explains how she “died”. Being a transgender woman, Nikita Dragun admits this isn’t the first time she’s died and been reborn. At some point in time the male body she was born with died and she was reborn anew as Nikita. Turns out, this was nothing more than the YouTuber reaching a point in her life.