#jdjZTk3NjEz weather girl music video on Vimeo [77 FILES :: 620 MB] πŸ’‹

Elsa Marie Keefe is an artist based in New York City. Her work is primarily focused around the human body and nature. Through both photography and mixed media, she transmits a message of transcendence and universal beauty. β€œAll bodies and all things of nature are beautiful. Humans are animals are sentient beings. I usually just model for myself, taking self-portraits, but occasionally I model for others Please contact me for more information on collaboration or for my rates. Born Wild [we are the ancestors of the future] Mixed Media / 30x40” / $6600 . . . This piece alongside many others will be released at my art show this coming Saturday, September 19, 2020 on the lawn of my childhood home in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA from 4-8 pm. Elsa Marie Keefe is an artist who explores body positivity through photography, mixed media collage, and book-making. Her complete immersion into the nudist lifestyle has shaped her creative practice. She integrates the figure into nature to comment on significant issues such as sexuality, societal oppression, spirituality, and the sublime. 22 juil. 2022 Β· This is the official unofficial music video for the song Weather Girl by Amon Tobin, directed and produced by Billy O'Brien and Elsa Marie Keefe, shot by Jeffrey Hagerman, edited by Ted Maniatakos. This video was shot at Camp Hero in Montauk, NY in August 2020.