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As Newton’s 3rd law states, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. While this is regarding the field of physics, the notion has its merits in other fields, such as the realm of lewdness and degeneracy! For every bimbo, a himbo. For every corruption, purification. For every femdom, maledom. For every dom, a sub. Ahshalon_Tenisk • 10 mo. ago. A subby sissy. _Fred_Herbert_ • 10 mo. ago. Gerald. [deleted] • 10 mo. ago. Pretty sure that's a either a submissive little boy or a daddy dom depending on what you mean by opposite. YakPretty9910 • 10 mo. ago. Same gender just the opposite of a dom pretty much if that helps/makes sense. Yocum626 • 10 mo. NSFW. [m4F] it was years ago already that I had been forced to watch dozens of men have their way with you, my own mother, it was quite traumatic, and the years that followed I barely ever spoke, so dad never found out. Until I started getting urges of my own. 5. Lovelylittle2RP • 3 days ago. 29 oct. 2021 · A gentle dominant woman. A woman who will just hold you until kingdom come. A woman that will spoon you when you're cold and kiss your neck to make you shiver. What’s the opposite of a dommy mommy. Advice. Close. Vote. Posted by. 14. 5 minutes ago. What’s the opposite of a dommy mommy. Advice. 4 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment . Log In Sign Up. Sort by:. Kinda bored and don't want to drink till I'm almost dead with the torpe. We can chat and exchange pics if we vibe. We can hang out and have a foodtrip around manila if gusto mo, idm paying or sharing. About me; 5'9, moreno, knows boundaries (but you can jump over mine 😉), slightly chubby but muscular, loves to eat (till you shake boo. 7 oct. 2020 · Compound of the term "dom" and "mommy". n. A female (Not necessarily an elder) who partakes the dominant role in a relationship. Essentially "Daddy" but for a female partner. adj. You probably want to aim for a feminine resonance while maintaining a slightly lower pitch and deeper (edit: fuller) voice. Also, intonation is big here—I can’t quite put into words exactly what you’d want to do, but you basically wanna sound less “girly” than what most voice training guides encourage. Your best bet would probably be. !!Full version available on Patreon!!https://www.patreon.com/LineChuCatch me live on Twitch!! https://www.twitch.tv/linechuI've finally dropped the LineChu b. Not much direct ERP, but imagine just being my sorta trophy wife, who just sits on my lap quietly while everyone else talks around us. Just a piece of "Woman" to show off to others; my piece of woman~. 8. 7. A new M4F for the ladies! Its been a minute so I thought I would come back with a big one for you all! A delicious script written by Vixx and myself about do. Instead, a mommy dom is more likely to be logical, bossy, and demanding. 4. Feminism Supports The Idea Of A Dommy Mommy. There’s a high chance that pro-feminist media encouraged many mommy doms to take on that role. Pro-feminist media encourages women to be strong, powerful leaders in all areas of their life.