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19 nov. 2021 · November 19, 2021 by Johnny Holland. In Season One, Kenna was a young, naïve girl who the Queen took in. Kenna grew up to be a woman with a sharp tongue and a quick wit. She was tough, but she also had a soft side. The Queen noticed this, and she made Kenna her lady-in-waiting. Kenna’s life changed drastically as she became closer to the. 25 juil. 2021 · The implication is that Kenna finds herself another royal to help her secure her position in society, something Kenna struggles to do from the start. In a world where a woman's place is determined by her relationship with her father or her husband, the ladies of Reign frequently end up stuck. Voir la liste complète sur reign.fandom.com. The actress left because she was cast on another series that I believe got cancelled after 1 season or something like that. Maybe when she said she was leaving the writers didn’t have enough time to give Kenna a proper ending or maybe they kind of left the door open in case she would return at some point, but obviously that didn. This article is about the Reign character Kenna de Poitiers. You may be looking for the Historical figure Mary Livingston. Kenna de Poitiers is a main character for the first and second season of Reign. She is portrayed by Caitlin Stasey. Kenna is a lady-in-waiting to Mary Stuart, the queen of Scotland. She aims high from the start, earning the revered spot as the king of France's mistress. Kenna's sympathy for her having a mother that plots her death causes Claude to lash out; she confesses to being lovers with Bash. Kenna confronts Bash about Claude and he tells her the complete truth. He and Claude were young and drunk at the time of the incident and she had managed to convince him, even if for a moment, that they didn't share. Kenna s'installe dans sa nouvelle maison loin de la cour avec Pascal. Kenna entend Pascal. Il s'arrête brusquement et dit à Kenna que c'est trop calme. Kenna voit que les gardiens ont disparu et l'obscurité tombe dans la maison. Sébastien et Nostradamus font irruption dans la maison juste à temps pour tuer les ténèbres. Il avertit que si.