♥️ [85 FILES :: 728 MB] The Rose questline is by far the worst part of this game. #zMzOWJkNzI1

Yea, 76 used to be really bad worse than you experienced. I'm talking back at release. I did leave, but have returned to see if it has improved. Seems it has learnt some lessons. In all honesty, the various biomes in the map are fantastic and I used to enjoy just spugging about the world soaking in all the sights. In my 25 years alive, Fallout 76 is easily the worst game I have ever played. I am absolutely astonished that anyone would think this game has any redeeming qualities. How did this make it past the cutting room floor? They took a game that was 4 years old, and somehow made it worse. Let's review my first 4-5 hours playing:. 76 is the worst fallout game I ever played, I loved fallout 4 so much so I got 76 thinking I would like it and well I did like it at some point but all the bugs and glitches turned me away. Everyday I log on I can barely even get passed the main menu and then when I do there’s a ton of in game bugs I gotta deal with that just turn. I hope , i really hope U dont ruin the new elder scrolls like this. no fallout title for me in future i played am all. all were cool 76 isnt if you continue making bad games bethesda is history. great game company back in the days.if you ruin the elder scrolls u lose players they are waiting probably 10 yrs for an EPIC RPG. Fallout 76 is the worst game that bethesda has ever created, worst then brotherhood of steel. And no Im not jumping on the hate-train (Seriously grow up) Im telling you and everyone that looks at this post. IT IS THE WORST. I have played fallout since its beginning, saw its changes and how it grew, the stories that the survivors had. And, as a Fallout fan, there are a lot of awesome elements to Fallout 76, but the grind in this game makes it absolutely miserable. Unless you can either get this game for $15 or under OR you're the type of Fallout fan who enjoys the hardcore survival elements and highest difficulties on previous Fallouts, I can't recommend this game to any fan. The Rose questline is by far the worst part of this game. I’m finally on the last part. While most of this game is basically go here, collect this, shoot this objectives they typically feel very fun and engrossing. This quest line has been crap. It’s been nothing but lame fetch quests and objectives that go on far longer than.